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I under no circumstances saw a number plate on the TD generator. They often experienced the figures stamped in to the frame of your unit in terms of I do know. Possibly some suited substitutes had plates but I dont learn about All those. Entire body work

Very well now I've long gone and completed it, broke the very little very small line that goes through the rad towards the temp gauge. Whats this gonna Value? If this is the capillary rather then an electrical gauge, the tube is made up of ether that expands to sign up the temperature, assuming the tube and sender aren't seperable the replacement from the tube could be clear-cut although the ether alternative might not- it would be in all probability less costly to switch the sender and gauge which has a inventory product- Except an MG spares shop has an aged equivalent Yet one more query. Can I operate the car without the gauge in position? That is will I have any challenge with the oil tension gauge? The pipe over the back again with the gauge is open up will this be an issue? If I recal appropriately, it really is your coolant temperature line that has damaged. In that case, Will probably be Completely no issue to run Together with the gauge in position. BTW, that combo Oil/Drinking water gauge is amongst the most difficult items to locate. (My fifty two, #10855, doesn't have one, but I am wanting.) I believe that The essential gauge elements are similar to These used in MGA's, even though the faces are unique.

Has anyone tried using the Petronix ignition within their TD? If that's the case, what's the prognosis? I used to be tempted to purchase one at Carlisle but did not. Within the glorious tradition of the (and other) lists, I'll start out by indicating which i haven't any response towards the dilemma that Steve asked, as I haven't attempted the Pertronix inside of a T-variety. However, I would like to share the discovery, just yesterday, of a major problem by using a Pertronix device that I put in within an MGB. Following installing the Pertronix, I wanted to Test which the advance device was Doing work. A vacuum pulled about the unit manufactured the plate shift when I checked out the distributor Along with the cap off. Nonetheless, the motor did not appear to complete like it had been getting total advance. I disconnected the vacuum pipe on the carburetor and used vacuum when the engine was jogging. No adjust in idle velocity! Off While using the cap, checked the plate yet again - still going. A break for lunch to ponder this seemingly impossible predicament......... Following lunch, I removed the distributor for nearer inspection. Eureka! Trouble found out. This individual Pertronix unit was machined in this type of way that the mounting plate that attaches where by the factors was was as well huge. Basically, its periphery fouled the cap, So avoiding The bottom-plate from remaining rotated with the vacuum device. The resolve was to get rid of it and sand off the excess steel on a belt sander. (A file or bench grinder would function, also.) When changed, it built a large distinction in how nicely the motor ran. So, all of you who may have fitted your distributors having a Pertronix unit, may possibly I propose you Verify to make sure that your distributor cap is just not interfering With all the P-unit the place it attaches to the base-plate.

Is that this motor a hard one particular to rebuild? No, it is actually quite bomb proof, and is also a normal British 1930's designed OHV device, according to the 1140cc Morris Ten sedan of 1938. Pieces might be experienced from Moss in the United states of america, or NTG in the UK on < >. You really want a workshop handbook, the only real people whom I understand provide them in britain 'Octagon Car Club' UK 01785 251014 fax 248386. I think this engine might have found some don. The oil tension is all around 30-35 and when I operate the engine at the next rpm (sitting within the garage) then Permit it idle, It will drop right down to all-around twenty. I don't know very well what that actually tells me tho', because I don't really know what it's supposed to be. A) Oil tension with a Warm motor really should be 50psi at idle,( e-book actually claims 70 to 40 psi.) There are numerous main reasons why it could be minimal, and it can be worthy of examining these out. 1) The oil stress reduction ball has grooves in it, and is not seating properly. This life underneath the massive brass nut under the oil pump. It is just a big ball bearing, which has a spring seating it. If it's ANY marks or grooves, in shape a whole new ball, and seat it by tapping it firmly into the pump. two) Excessive conclusion-float within the gears inside the oil pump, permitting oil return to the inlet. The tip cap is held on with 8 bolts, and there should only be 0.04mm end float. Worn gears them selves can result in lack of tension in addition. 3) Worn bearings from the engine, which yours Seems like it's got, that's why the 20psi oil stress. The crankshaft wants measuring to discover if it demands re-grinding, or simply new shell bearings fitting. If you're able to see the copper undercoat while in the shell bearings faces, anticipate the worst!

I bought an aftermarket intake manifold for my TC, which lacked this piece Once i acquired it. The new manifold has 4 8-mm-diameter holes in The underside at the middle, specifically underneath the port with the air cleaner. Appears to be odd....I am able to only guess They are really drains for oil dripping out with the filter, but they offer a direct route for air to bypass the filter. Can anyone having an initial manifold tell me if it's these holes? If so, does any person know what are they for? Are they for being just still left open? If there is no added element I'm lacking, I assumed I'd protected a piece of foam to the inside over the holes - it might a minimum of hold the gravel out. BTW, this manifold, when ascetically quite awesome, is improperly machined and didn't in good shape as bought. I questioned Moss Motors about it and was informed that each one the manifolds are like that - it is the best substitute they are able to discover. The service rep study from something (it was not during the catalog!

We after the previous write-up I made a decision to crack the silence. I found an extra condenser mounted on the fire-wall beside the coil. It's not at all connected to anything. It is about the still left aspect on the vehicle, and looks serious bad. I checked to find out if there was one particular In the Dist. and Indeed it is in there. Over the TD's did they install an extra one or was it way too major to suit In the Dist. The wire looks like it truly is very long plenty of to touch the CB aspect from the coil. I did set up the new adapter for spin on filters today. The put up was so limited which i had to choose aside fifty percent the fender to get sufficient home for a good dimension wrench to interrupt it loose. Following that it went actual clean. You talk to why was the rush, very well It began out like a oil change. Immediately after analyzing the utilised filter I discovered the spring was lacking Within the old filter assembly. Seems like the P.O. didn't set it back. I assumed he realized how to alter oil. That's alright I have already modified it 2 times and failed to catch it. I quess it exhibit's which kind of mechanic I'm, LOL. The condenser you noticed could possibly be a radio sound suppressant - if the vehicle has or experienced a radio.

I have noticed the oil feed pipe on my TD is affixed to The top and block improperly. If I eliminate the pipe and reverse it is going to I must prime the pump or have problems with the stress guage Therefore? The banjo union must be with the block and the flex union needs to be at The top....mine is installed in reverse. The early TDs had a banjo bolt for the upper or head stop that has a flex line adapter created like a Component of it. The banjos themselves at Every single close of the road were being equivalent along with the lessen bolt was known as a "round head" I think. Later on TDs experienced another line. The higher banjo was the same as the early Edition however the reduced banjo experienced the flex line adapter built-in to it. Both the banjo bolts have been somewhat distinctive in comparison to the early lower "round head" sort. I've noticed the later form line installed Along with the flex line adapter at the head finish but I believe that's incorrect. The "enhanced" line is speculated to be put in Along with the in-built flex line adapter within the block. I do not know why the "improvement" was produced. If You need to take away the road between The pinnacle and block, you dont should key the oil pump.

What coloration must the bolts and nuts be that connect the wings? The wing bolts should be entire body shade According to the T-Collection restoration guideline. I continue to don't have any definitive remedy as for the tank strap bolts/washers on The within of the TD. Up to now I see Black and interior colour but no references. All TCs, TDs and TFs had these elements painted to match the seats and panels. They were being hand-painted after the interiors went in. I guess which was among the Careers for the Abingdon apprentices! MGTC / Color of firewall

BTDC stands for In advance of Top Dead Center. Consequently 10 degrees BTDC is five levels more Superior than five levels BTDC (additional absent so to talk). The term progress here is with regard to TDC 10 levels prior to is much more Innovative that five degrees. I feel your confusion has to do with why in the heck are we firing the plug Prior to the piston receives to the top? OK, I was hoping to avoid wasting myself the typing, but below goes. To get the most power outside of an engine, the maximum pressure in the cylinder ought to arise at someplace among five and ten levels of crankshaft rotation Following TDC. But wait you say, Once the plug fires prior to. Certainly, grasshopper, you will be appropriate. The key reason why for that is that the combustion on the air gas combination will not be, I repeat not, instantaneous it takes about three milliseconds to combust the combination during the cylinder. At 1000 RPM 3 milliseconds is about fifteen degrees of crankshaft rotation. Therefore if we want Max stress during the cylinder to drive the piston down as really hard as you possibly can, we need to mild the combination 15 levels before the five to 10 levels following that I mentioned earlier. fifteen degrees ahead of 5 degrees Immediately after is 10 degrees Prior to. In case you were to retard the timing 10 degrees to TDC then Max force within the cylinder would come about at 15 degrees Right after Top Dead Center. The Max pressure could be decrease, the facility made would be a lot less, additional heat could well be transferred in to coolant, plus the vehicle would run just like a Pet dog. So what transpires for those who open up the throttle? I glad you requested. At 2000 RPM you still need to have three Ms of burn time. But now three ms is 30 levels of crank rotation in place of 15 since the crank is going two times as speedy. Thus there should be a thing that advances the timing outside of The bottom. There's two utilized on MG's Centrifugal and vacuum advance. Only for giggles just take you timing light-weight and Examine the timing at 2000 and 3000 RPM you will notice that it's Substantially even more Highly developed. TF coil

This was a person reason why the TF moved the pump from the firewall into the rear axel place. Your fuel strains are 5/sixteen", so seect a pump with five/16" fittings. Pep Boys along with other sections outlets sell a Purolator gas pump for about $thirty.00; it is identical pump Moss sells for $70.00. This pump will "tick: most of the time, such as the SU when you're out of gasoline. A better option, if you will discover one, is an Airtex electrical fuel pump, portion no. E80 16S. Quieter, and mounts that has a clamp, and one bolt. The vapor lock occured due to the reformulation of gasoline for present day engines. Most engines are fuel injected. Pumps supply fuel at greater force. The boiling stage of gas was reduced. Soon after striving numerous points devoid of Substantially achievement, I purchased a heat defend for my TD from Geoff Appreciate at the English Connection. You'll be able to Get in touch with him at engconn@f-tech.Internet. They were being $sixty five. Overheating TF

Around the MGA cam shaft, Look at with your neighborhood speed shop and have a Crane cam. All things considered that's what Moss is selling (so I have been instructed). I walked into my area speed store and so they purchased a stock cam for my TD and saved me about $a hundred through the Moss Price.

When the hinge pins have worn allowing the doorways to flop up and down they must be line bored and new oversize pins equipped to get rid of the Perform. Only soon after these factors are taken care of, can a restorer try and have the doors to fit properly. In case the tonneau has actually been taken off for a complete restoration, it is incredibly unlikely that it will go back in the exact same place as just before, leading to alterations to the dimensions from the opening into which the doorway will have to fit. It is possible to change the dimensions with the opening by possibly packing up the tub's metallic facet rails in which These are bolted into the chassis, and also by altering the size from the diagonal threaded brace which attaches on the triangular shaped firewall mounts along with the front from the chassis, thus both stretching or contracting the door openings. Another probability is shifting The form with the door hinges by either escalating or flattening out the radius of your curved portions, or by judicial use of packing shims beneath them. Occassionally most of these solutions I've outlined may well ought to be employed to your higher or lesser extent to allow a satisfactory suit for being obtained. It follows the relative place with the lock/striker plate will have to be adjusted by means of shims to ensure correct closing. Finally, it is sort of feasible that the door itself may well need to be 'flexed' or twisted for accurate alignment with the doorway opening to present an aesthetically pleasing look. This may be performed in situ by grasping the item firmly, inserting a person's toes in the suitable position and implementing a rotational pressure, accompanied by loud Learn More grunts, which often has an impressive impact on any bystanders, typically resulting in an appreciative round of applause and complimentary remarks, which include 'Oh, isn't he potent', or, in my case,'I just Really like his accent'. Producing TD (or TC & TF) doors near correctly is quite uncomplicated. You merely have to understand that the hinges needs to have no no cost Enjoy, the doors have to match their openings really well, and also the latches & strikers have to be (a) in very good situation and (b) mounted so which the "bolt" of your latch goes into the opening in the striker, not just under the notch at the conclusion of the striker. That notch is purported to be the "safety" capture. Doorway Alignment

That Section of my car or truck were taken apart in 1960, so that, not like most other aspects of the car, I couldn't tell how it were assembled with the manufacturing unit. Many MG restoration specialists in this article in the Grand Rapids, MI, location had been shocked after they observed what I had accomplished, and claimed that they often set the snug on top of the steel tunnel. I set mine along with the tunnel also. Just seeking to find the definiitive solution. the rubber go over matches underneath the steel transmission include After (about) MG TD Gearbox : stop float with the lay gear?

The TD ammeter is held in position by 4 semicircular tabs which are literally part of the case and located on the 12, three, 6 and nine oclock positions if I recall effectively. They're bent outward and again towards the rear facet of the middle panel. The challenge is that every one too usually, they crack off when bent back and forth like bending a strip of metallic. Pretty much Evidently, "Been there and performed that".

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